Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wish List

I love my library. Love, love, love my library. Dan loves my library too because of all the money it saves! I pass by one library on my way home and my office is next door to another library. Yay!

My latest visit to the knitting section brought me Knitting Lessons by Lela Nargi It's a very sweet book. The author interviewed knitters from all over asking them how they got started and what they love about knitting.

I also found Meg Swansen's Knitting: 30 Designs for Hand Knitters. Wonderful storytelling in it along with gorgeous sweaters. Not all of them are ones I desire to make, but interesting to look at for sure. Meg shares a little bit about her husband Chris aka Camera Guy, "For over three decades I never plotted a design without Chris's input. I am unable to summon the words to impart the importance of my husband to my life. He was my business partner as well as my life partner, and the depth to which I miss him is indescribable."

On my book wish list:
Sweaters From Camp: 28 Color-Patterned Designs from Meg Swansen's Knitting Campers

Knitting Around by Elizabeth Zimmermann That one will round out my EZ collection.

A Knitting Glossary DVD This looks like a gem of a reference.

EZ Knitting Workshop DVD I've seen Part 1 on video. It's quite fun to see EZ in her element.

The Handknitter's Guide to Sweater Finishing I saw this in Pattern Works catalog. As I finish Mariah (now that the sleeves are the right length) my seaming has definitely improved. I'm so glad I redid the sleeves and seeming. However, I'm sure there's more to learn and I'm curious to see what this DVD offers.

Aran Sweater Design by Janet Szabo I like arans and I like cabling. This looks like a good reference book.

Fishermen's Sweaters by Alice Starmore A book by Alice Starmore that doesn't cost a freaking fortune. Rumor has it she's a guru :-).

Cable Needle Freedom by Carole Wulster While I didn't use a cable needle on Mariah, I think my technique was a lacking and more due to luck than talent. So I'd like to learn how it really should be done.

The Treasury Set: 4 Books by Barbara Walker The stitch pattern guru, a definite for the library.

Now for the doodads.

Knee-sel This looks so handy to be able to hold a pattern or chart upright on my knee at an angle I can read it.

Magnetic Magnifier - save my eyes and magnify chart lines!
EZ Tote Bag with the famous phrase "Knit on with confidence and hope through all crises", what's not to love about that!

Options Needle Set Yeah, yeah, yeah I'm joining the band wagon. Most everyone loves these. Some people are concerned because they're much heavier than Addi's. Most don't think it's a big deal and love the pointier tips. I think that would be fabulous, it's the only thing I don't care for about my Addi's, especially when doing socks on 2 circs.

Circular Needle ID Tags Staying organized is a good thing.

And last, but not least Training!

The Knitting Guild Association, Master Knitting Program for Advanced Knitters Part of me really likes the idea of structure and getting feedback. Part of me really likes the whole title idea. Yeah, that'd be the 'ol ego. However, I'm all for improving and given that my knitting has been via less than formal instruction, this could work nicely to clean up my technique.

Knitting Camp with Meg Swansen If I haven't popped a kid out by July and I'm not super ripe with child, I am treating myself to knitting camp.

As for knitting news - Mariah sleeves are done, one side and one sleeve is seamed and looking mighty fine. The rest will be done by this weekend. Dan's socks are chugging along, hoping to reach the gusset by the end of the weekend. One leg cuffon the soaker is underway.

I treated myself to yarn this week. Lamb's Pride worsted at a ridiculously low price at the Sheep Shed Studio. In Chili Pepper Red. Which is Very. Red. Clifford the Big Red Dog red. I was thinking of using it for Rogue. I'm not sure. The Knitter's Guild is having a Knit Out Saturday so I'll solicit opinions there from my gurus. Yay for all day knitting with company!

Well that's all for now. If you haven't visited Cast-On, Go Now. Check out Episode 8 for the song "The Boob Fairy Never Came for Me" and Episode 9 for the classic "My Enormous Penis". Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Toodles fellow knitters!


Blogger kmckiernan said...

Wow what a wish list! I am really interested in the cable needle freedom book, that sounds neat =)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006  
Blogger Lisa said...

Yeah, I'm never short on ideas for what I want! I'm curious about the cable needle freedom book too. Whoever gets it first needs to share!

Friday, September 29, 2006  

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