Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Whoa - I'm still alive

Drum roll please, I actually have finished objects!

Finished my socks with Lorna's Laces Child's Play yarn. Love having my very own socks.

Cat's claw scarf is finished. Still needs blocking. Waiting on my lace wires and flower pins to come from Knit Picks. I ordered these sweet foam blocking boards from Amazon. Saw them on Wendy's blog. They're TKO 2'x2' Fitness Flooring System interlocking mats. The only downside is they're black so not the best background for photographing things, but oh well.

Lace close-up.

Completed Around the Bend Jacket, courtesy of Queen Elizabeth Zimmermann. All bow before her knitting wisdom :-). It's really warm and cozy thanks to the unspun Icelandic Wool. It's not the most fashionable piece of knitwear, but I do like it. My goal is to eventually have some nice, classic pieces of knit wear. The kind of stuff that never goes out of style. Not my strongest talent, but I'll work on it.

Close up of the buttons and closures.

Finally finished up the cuffs on the soaker. It's a Wooly Wonder. Now for the baby butt to fill it........

After all those finished objects, you may be wondering just what in the world am I doing now??? 2 projects on the needles. First up - Eris.

This is the neckline of Eris (I'm doing the cardigan version). After drooling over this sweater for a long time, it is finally on the needles - yay! This pattern is AWESOME. The details are so clear. And I love cables. Love, love, love. There's not a lot of cabling left now that the neckline is done. Soon it will be nice, soothing stockinette for miles and miles.

Close-up of center back.

Left side close-up.

And last but not least, the Easy Head-Hugger Hat using good 'ol Noro Kureyon. I have no idea what size head it will fit when it's finished. Um yeah, the gauge swatch kinda didn't happen. Oh well, it'll be a surprise!

That's all for now. Hopefully it won't be another 7 months (gasp!) before an update. Dan and I got back from vacation up in the "North Pole" of Marquette, Michigan on Friday and I must say this whole work thing is really for the birds. I think I could be quite happy parked on a beach, knitting and riding my bike. It's so beautiful up there even if Lake Superior is like ice water.

Today I was fantasizing about working in a yarn store. Ah well. Until next time.......... Happy knitting :-)


Blogger Korin said...

Oooh! FOs!
1. socks are lovely.
2. can't wait to see a blocked cat's claw.
3. round the bend looks so comfy. makes me wish for fall and cocoa!
4. soaker - awesome! You're in my thoughts so often. RE:ttc. what's the current plan? we need to IM.
5. ERIS. omg. i love it. I can't wait till I get to start mine! love it!!
6. cute hat. lets see your smiling face under it ;)

peace, mama. love you.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007  

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