Saturday, July 28, 2007

When gauge goes bad


I frogged 4 inches of yoke on Eris this morning. After staying up until 1:30am happily making progress. The little voice in the back of my head said I should probably stop and double check I was still on track with my gauge. The big voice said "just one more row".

I had originally started this using KnitPicks Options, which I love. But the yarn was just too slippery on them once I got past the cabled collar. So I changed to Addi bamboos which were perfect and quite nice. I figured even though they were the same size (5) since there was more grip on the bamboo I could knit it more tightly. Which it appeared I was for a little while, because all was well in gauge land. Somewhere along the way however I got comfortable and my gauge expanded instead of shrank. 5 stitches per inch turned into 5.5 stitches per inch.


Then there was a little bit of an argument inside my head.

Slacker: It's just the yoke, how big of a difference can it make, really? If I change needles now it should be fine.

Perfectionist: Well, let's just see shall we? Let's do the math.

(whip out cell phone calculator)

Perfectionist: 3.5 inches too much

Slacker: hmmm, is that really such a big deal? Let's try it on just to see.

(spread stitches of yoke over 2 circular needles, drape over shouilders, stand in front of mirror)

Perfectionist: looks kind of baggy

Slacker: sigh

Perfectionist: you know you'll hate it if you spend all this time on it only to have it look like crap because it's TOO BIG in the yoke

Slacker: big sigh.

(rip out yoke, rewind yarn, pick up yoke stitches, put stitch markers back in place)

And we're back in the saddle again............

In other news - my blocking wires arrived from Knit Picks today and I blocked my Cat's Paw lace scarf. It looks quite loverly. You'll have to imagine it because I'm feeling too lazy to get up and actually photo it. Maybe tomorrow. Oh and I also finished my hat. Stayed up until 12:30am Thursday night to finish Kitchering it together. Oh yeah, I was loving life Friday morning. However, it's sweet and it fits!

That's the news.


Blogger Korin said...

You may be frustrated, but it's so much better than knitting a whole Mariah sweater and then never wearing it cause the sleeves are 6 inches too long, and it makes you look like a kid in your dad's sweater. ;) I can't wait to see the finished product. I'm planning on knitting myself one too :D

Sunday, July 29, 2007  

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