Saturday, August 09, 2008


We took a trip to Michigan a few weeks ago for the family vacation. This was the first time we'd met my niece Mallory. She turned 4 months while we were there. As you can see, she's completely adorable.

Here's my "little" brother Eric, Mallory's dad. Yes, you can play cards and put the baby to sleep.

Dan looks very sweet with a baby in his arms too.

We climbed to the top of Hog's Back Mountain. It's one hell of a climb, but the view is totally worth it.

Here's my brother Ryan and his wife Sandra (Ryan's my sibling after me).

Here's my sister Katie - the youngest at 17 1/2

Me and Katie

Dan and I

And here we have all the siblings together - a rare event. From the left:
Dan, me with Mallory, Eric (#4) sitting in front, Amanda (Eric's wife), Katie (#5) sitting in front, Sandra (Ryan's wife), Ryan (#2), Laura (#3), Ben (Laura's boyfriend).


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yay! a post! a post with pix of YOU! yay!!!!

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