Sunday, April 24, 2005

A yoking we will go, a yoking we will go........

drum roll please........let the yoking begin! Just when I had decided that there's no rush for the completion because sweater season is over - HA!! Snow yesterday, snow today. Mother nature is just freaking rude! So who knows, I may get to wear it sooner than I think if I hurry up and get it done. She's still the only project on my needles so there's hope if I don't get distracted by socks :-).

Friday, April 08, 2005

Proof that I am indeed still knitting

Here's what Mariah's growing up to be slowly but surely. My side cable corrections on the sleeves took forever and a day to finish, but since then progress has been steady and no frogging (knock on wood, knock on wood). I'm pretty close to venturing into the land 'o the yoke. Probably could knock it out this weekend but the weather is going to be gorgeous and I'm feeling the need to play in the yard so we'll see. If not, flight time to and from Denver next week should get me there as long as I can find the room to bring it along. Otherwise I'll have to start another project so I'll have something to bring. Can't believe I only have one WIP?! Standing in the wings are Clapotis, Ribby Cardi, and some socks.

My sleeves, my sleeves, my sleeves - only 4" more to go!

I realized when I got to my 2nd cable repeat that my first repeat is extra-special. At least I'm consistent on both sleeves. Even though it's not "right" I kind of like it, and have no plans to change it!

I did it right the 2nd time!

Left and right side panels - 10 1/4"

Back panel - 12 3/4" almost done