Sunday, February 20, 2005

My very first sweater

Mariah begins her gestation with humble sleeve beginnings. Knit from Patons merino wool in denim. Note to self - do not do detailed cable project when tired, will lead to confusion, delay and frogging.

Irish Hiking Scarf

Eric's completed Irish Hiking Scarf aka the world's longest scarf for the world's tallest brother (well, ok, I am exaggerating a bit, but not much).

Confession - if you look closely (and let's pretend you have to look really closely) you will notice that the last gray stripe on the left is shorter than all the others. Yes, I ran out of yarn and yes I decided to forge ahead without buying a whole new skein because I a) wanted to finish b) promised I wouldn't start Mariah until I was finished and c) my favorite LYS store where I had bought the yarn closed and I'm in mourning.

Close up of the cables

Baby Cables Poncho

This beauty is from Weekend Knits and is knit from Patons merino wool. I had to block it twice because the first time it turned out gigantic. Fortunately wool is very workable.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Katie's Booga Bag

Katie's xmas Booga Bag in Noro Kureyon

Close-up of these colors that I LOVE, even if my brother says they look Jamaican mon and only further contribute to Katie's hippy tendencies - hehe.