Monday, July 27, 2009

Um yeah, about that blog.......

I thought I'd post again before a full year has passed. Because a full year passing would mean this blog is officially dead, not just in lifeless limbo. Or something like that.

So, since I last posted a few things happened.

Our miracle Natalie Marie arrived May 20th. It was a bumpy arrival, involving 7 days in the NICU due to breathing problems related to the c-section. Yes it sucked. I really had hoped we would dodge that. But, she's here, she's almost 10 weeks already, she's amazing and beautiful and healthy and a chunky 12 pounds already.

I have managed to finish one wool soaker for her. It only took me most of my pregnancy to finish. It's the Curly Purly pattern in my very own handspun - whoot! My first handspun knit. The handspun is BFL, from SpunkyEclectic in her Sangria colorway. I didn't ply it tight enough, but it worked in spite of that.

The only other knit I've made for her are her leggings. They're cute, but the thighs are big, even though her's are plumping up nicely.

So there you have it. She is officially my very best finished "object" ever :-)