Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Knitting Porn for Korin

Korin currently has limited use of both hands due to her bundle of joy Ruby. As a result knitting is on the back burner so for the time being she's living vicariously through other knitters.

So here's an update to satisfy the knitting jones'.

First my socks. Not a whole lot of progress, but I'm about to start the gussett increases.

The Around the Bend jacket has been getting most of my knitting time. I have the left half complete except for the i-cord trim. The sleeve is a bit long (someday soon I'll get that measurement right). Fortunately it doesn't matter too much since the cuff holds it at the wrist and the sleeves are designed to be a bit puffy.

I started a lace class at the LYS 3 weeks ago - last class is today. We're cutting our teeth on a simple lace scarf. The pattern is Northern Lace by Elizabeth Lovick. It's using the cat's paw stitch pattern. Elizabeth can be found here. I'm using lace weight merino wool from Hand Painted Yarns. It's nice and soft although a little splitty.

This is my first foray into lace. I can definitely see why people say lace is addictive. I suspect it's also good for the brain. Focus is a necessity. It's amazing how quickly I can loose focus. Jan, who's teaching the class, told us to knit in a quiet place with no distractions. I, of course, thought I'd be the exception to the rule. I'd be the one to multi-task with the best of them. Hahahaha! It's good to be humbled. It started out as one of those 2 steps forward, 1 step back processes. Lots of tinking. Now there's more knitting than tinking so that's progress. Can't wait to witness the magic of blocking when I'm finished.

And to round out the update - 2 purchases. Merry Christmas to me :-). The downside of taking class at the LYS is sitting right next to the 25% off shelf. The other downside is that everyone in the group is a yarn ho and we love to enable each other. It requires very little arm twisting. Three of the four of us in class partook of the yarn last week. Only Carol stayed strong and resisted the call of the yarn.

Meet the latest acquisition:

It's lovely yarn. Kerry, made in Ireland for Tahki Stacy Charles. 50% wool, 50% alpaca. She will grow up to become the cardigan version of Eris. Knit on my 2nd acquisition - Knit Pick's Options needles!

I started playing with them yesterday - transferred my lace scarf from Denise's to the Knit Picks. Quite nice. I can tell they're heavier, but that doesn't seem to be a big issue at this point. One of the joins has a teeny snag on it - I'll see how much that bugs me. The others seem nice and smooth. The cables are beautifully flexible straight out of the bag. I also like that the calbes are more narrow than the Denise's. The pointier tips are quite nice too, especially for the lace.

That's all the news from the needles for now!

Have a wonderful holiday season everyone and in the midst of the hustle and bustle remember to take a breath.