Sunday, November 19, 2006

And the knitting rolls on

I finished Dan's camo socks. They took longer than they should have. A few false starts, one major rip back because they were too wide. However, they fit pretty darn well and the hubby is happy.

They're on my feet so they look a little big :-)

New projects on the needles:

First up - my very own socks! Finally! In Lorna's Laces child's play - nice bright colors to fight the winter grey of Ohio. Toe up, two circs, Queen Kahuna recipe. My third pair of socks.

Balancing a size 1 needle project with a size 10 needle project, I've started the Around the Bend Jacket. If you scroll down the page you'll see it on the cover of the video. Pattern by Queen EZ and daughter Meg Swansen. I'm using un-spun Icelandic Wool. It's an unspun, hairy kind of yarn. Supposed to be amazingly warm. My LYS carries it. It comes in these fun little yarn cakes.

It needs to be handled gently otherwise it stretches out since it's unspun. Once it's knit up though it's quite sturdy. I'm knitting it with two strands - one chocolate, one pale rose. It actually reminds me of chocolate and strawberry ice cream.

One sleeve is done up to the gusset increases. The other is about 1/2 way.

Here's the I-Cord trim around the cuff.

Thus far it's a pretty brainless knit - garter and stocking stitch. It gets more interesting as it goes along. I ended up buying the video - it's nice to have Meg flesh out the details visually.

Tomorrow evening is knitting night at the LYS. November 29th I begin a 3 week lace knitting class. I haven't ventured into lace yet, although I have the yarn and the patterns. I've learned so much on my own from books and the internet which is great. However I think doing some live learning is good to add into the mix. And it's good to support the LYS.

A couple weeks ago they had a weekend knit-in. It was lots of fun. I learned a few things (crochet cast on, and the right way to do a provisional cast on) and enjoyed checking out other people's projects. And as always there were some good munchies to sustain us :-). They also had the most amazing give-aways. Very, very generous. Fabulously nice yarn - Gerry won 10 skeins of Noro Kureyon for crying out loud! Unfortunately I didn't luck out in the prize department. Better luck next year :-).